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Takara Shuzo, Kyoto Prefecture
Takara Shuzo, Kyoto Prefecture
Takara Shuzo, Kyoto Prefecture

When Takara Shuzo was established in 1842,  saké was made using traditional and masterful techniques passed down from generation to generation. The brewery has since then embraced the benefits of modern technology, combining the brewing know how of the Toji with modern machinery to produce quality sakés.  Every step from assessing how long rice should be submerged after washing, to making sure on how the koji responds to its living environment is carefully monitored.  All these has vastly improved their  assurance on quality and also helped in innovation.  Incorporating both brewing traditions, technology and innovation the Shirakabegura brewery and its brand Shochikubai was born.

Sho means pine tree and it stands for health

Chiku means bamboo and represents vitality

Bai means plum and signifies beauty

Together these words symbolize prosperity and happiness.


A vintage picture taken in front of the brewery which started producing mirin and shochu in 1864.


Takara Shuzo has since progressed into the new era with its modern multi level saké brewery.


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