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Yamanashi Meijo, Yamanashi Prefecture
Yamanashi Meijo, Yamanashi Prefecture
Yamanashi Meijo, Yamanashi Prefecture

Yamanashi Meijo the producer of the Shichiken saké brand is located in Hakuto City in Yamanashi prefecture. The city is well known for its pristine water source, making it is a popular area for mineral water extraction set up by big corporations. To the southwest of the brewery, the Minami Alps National Park where Mount Kaikoma is located has been selected to be on the UNESCO biosphere reserve list, certifying it as a mountain with world class water.  Shichiken is the only saké brewery here that has saké produced with water from Mount Kaikoma.  After an intense 5 years of research, 3 sparkling saké with second fermentation in the bottle were introduced "Yamano Kasumi" (2015), "Hoshino Kagayaki" (2016) and "Morino Kanade" (2017). Similar to how Champagne or premium sparkling wines are  made, the brewery uses the "In-bottle Secondary Fermentation Technique" to produce sparkling sakés.  


The Shichiken saké Brewery

Blessed with crystal clear water from the mountains and national parks nearby.   


CEO Tsushima Kitahara and Managing Director Ryogo Kitahara


The Shichiken range of Sparkling Sakés L-R:  Yama no kasumi, Hoshi no kagayaki & Mori no kanade

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