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Katsuyama Saké Brewery, Miyagi Prefecture
Katsuyama Saké Brewery, Miyagi Prefecture
Katsuyama Saké Brewery, Miyagi Prefecture

Founded in 1688, the auspicious name Katsuyama is literally translated as Katsu meaning victory and Yama which is mountain which signifies strength and stability. In 1857, it was appointed to be the official brewery to serve the Daté clan, the feudal lords of the Sendai Domain founded by Japan's most famous military commander and respected Samurai, Daté Masamune.

Katsuyama brews only Junmai sakés and only produces one tank per week! All their sakés do not go through a high pressure pressing process to filter the solids after the brewing process has finished. It only uses the costly bag dripping process  (fukuro shibori) which normally is reserved for Daiginjo and other high end sakés. Basically the saké mash or moromi is poured into long cloth bags and thereafter gravity will take over. Solids from the mash (saké kasu) will be filtered and remain in the cloth bag while saké drips out from the bag and collected.  This slow and costly method produces a rich and luscious tasting saké. To top this process Katsuyama's ultra premium range Diamond Akatsuki and Akatsuki sakés use a high tech and expensive centrifuge to filter the saké mash! Katsuyama is one of the 10 or less saké breweries in the whole of Japan to have a centrifuge system.

Katsuyama Saké Brewery Co. Ltd.


Katsuyama also grows saké rice for their brewing needs.


The pristine water around Sendai is perfect for brewing high quality sakés.


The entrace of Katsuyama's shop where visitor's can discover more about the brewery and taste their variety of sakés.

Japan's most famous military commander and Shogun, Daté Masamune (1567 - 1636), founder of the modern city of Sendai in Miyagi Prefecture.

Proud owner Mr Heizo Isawa receiving the award for the brewery's Katsuyama KEN Junmai Ginjo as the Champion Saké at the IWC 2019.


Katsuyama's KEN Junmai Ginjo also won the Kura Master's Platinum Award (Highest) and International Wine Challenge Champion Saké both in the same year, 2019.


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