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Katsuyama Den Junmai Daiginjo- 720ml
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Brand Katsuyama
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Grade : Junmai Daiginjo

Rice Polishing Ratio : 35%

Rice Variant : Yamadanishiki

Alcohol : 16%

Uses the luxurious Fukuro Shibori bag dripping method

Non Charcoal filtered

Recommended serving temperature : Chilled

Recommended vessel : White wine glass.

Den which means tradition, reflecting the traditional brewing methods employed to make this saké.

This premium saké has also won awards at the Kura Master 2019 Prix du President and a Platinum Medal at the Saké Selection 2018 by the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles.

A rich saké with wonderful floral aromas and refined umami.  


2019 Kura Master President's Award  2019 Kura Master - Platinum Award  

 2018 Kura Master - Gold  


 2018 Concours Mondial   2018 Saké Selection Award