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Joyo Shuzo, Kyoto Prefecture
Joyo Shuzo, Kyoto Prefecture
Joyo Shuzo, Kyoto Prefecture

Joyo Shuzo is the only saké brewery in Yamashiro Region, south of Kyoto.  The brewery started off in the tea business with a little amount of saké production.  In 1973 the Joyo Shuzo Company was established and it went into full fledge saké production, selling in tanks to major brewing companies as an OEM business.  However this practice ended when the company decided to produce their own brand of saké some 30 years ago.  Efforts were then channeled into making high quality saké by hand and in small quantities (less than 1 tonne).  Joyo is also blessed with good quality underground water which is drawn from 100 meters below the brewery.  It uses the King of Saké rice, Yamadanishiki rice from Hyogo and Kyoto grown Iwai and Gohyakumangoku rice from Kyoto.  All Joyo sakés are non charcoal filtered (muroka), pasteurised only once in the bottle and stored at low temperatures of -5 to5 degrees Celcius before they are ready for sale.

In their storehouse there is a word びかんゆうそう (Bikan Yuzo) which means "things that appeal to the senses are beautiful, fun and has originality".  Joyo strives to produce sakés using traditional techniques that reflect this and hope that when the consumer drinks their saké they will be reminded of Bikan Yuzo.

Joyo Sake Brewery


The storehouse is located next to the brewery to welcome visitors.




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