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Imayo Tsukasa Brewery, Niigata Prefecture
Imayo Tsukasa Brewery, Niigata Prefecture
Imayo Tsukasa Brewery, Niigata Prefecture

Imayo Tsukasa initially started off as an alcohol wholesale business. It also had an Inn and a restaurant back in the Edo period (1603 -1868). Being located in Niigata, it benefited from the prosperous trading activities during that period when the city opened its port to international trade.  The name Imayo Tsukasa literally means "Master of Time", however the brewer added a slight twist to this meaning by intepreting it as "Creating a way of enjoying saké that suits the current era". While staying true to using traditional brewing techiniques , Imayo Tsukasa is also continuously developing new concepts, designs and enjoyment methods.  Since 2006, the brewery produces 'Junmai only' grade of sakés. All the rice used is 100% Niigata grown and the water is sourced from Mount Suganatake which is known for its famous delicious water.

The brewery's storehouse 

  President and CEO Yosuke Tanaka


Some of the line up of Imayo Tsukasa's sakés


Imayo Tsukasa has won numerous award for the design of their unique bottles such as The One Show, USA - Gold,  IF Design Award, Germany - Winner, A'Design Award, Italy - Platinum, Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, France - Bronze, FAB Awards, UK - Gold

Manga Signboard modelled Imayo Tsukasa Brewery Tour at Niigata Airport - many manga signboards are displayed at Niigata airport as part of Japan Media Arts Distributed Museum project by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan. 







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