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Doi Shuzo, Shizuoka Prefecture
Doi Shuzo, Shizuoka Prefecture
Doi Shuzo, Shizuoka Prefecture



The entrance to Doi Shuzo during the full bloom of cherry blossoms (Sakura)


Doi Shuzo workers actually does their rice washing and soaking out in the open air.                                      


A picture depicted the brewery workers (kurabito) at Doi Shuzo stirring the fermentation mash.     


The Doi family were wealthy farmers in the 1500s. The saké brewing business was established in 1872, during the period of Meiji Restoration. When Mr Doi Kiyaoki the 4th generation owner took over the business from his father, his father told him, "You can brew more saké or less saké if you like. Do as you please, but whatever you do never let the quality of our saké fall!".  Under the leadership of Mr Kiyoaki, he invited Mr Hase Shokichi, a master saké brewer to join the brewery. Doi Brewery grew from strength to strength under Mr Hase, who worked tirelessly for about 40 years until he passed away in 2009. Mr Hase was recognised as one of the "Four Guardians of Heaven" of the prestigious Noto Toji Guild (A traditional guild where master saké brewers/Toji learn and hone their brewing skills).  Doi also credits Shizuoka's climate and environmental factors for the exceptional raw materials that go into the brewing of their saké.  The brewery actually transport water from a nearby spring for their brewing needs.  Much of the saké rice that is harvested for brewing the saké is of the variant, Homare Fuji that is locally grown in Shizuoka.  Doi also uses top quality rice from Hyogo and Okayama prefectures besides locally grown rice such as the wonderful Homare Fuji rice developed in Shizuoka prefecture.  Saké yeast that is typically found in Shizuoka prefecture is also used, giving Doi's sakés a fresh taste that is not too dry.  Mr Doi Kiyaoki has since retired and passed the reign to his son Yaichi who is the current President and 5th generation owner.

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