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Date Seven, Miyagi Prefecture
Date Seven, Miyagi Prefecture
Date Seven, Miyagi Prefecture

For the past seven years, a group of seven Saké breweries from Miyagi prefecture come together to one of the member's bewery (a location that changes each year), and they all work together to make a great saké with each one taking a role in the brewing process.  The saké is then launched on July 7 at 7pm of that particular year.  They would do that for 7 episodes.  The breweries in Date Seven are :

Kawakei Shoten

Kanbai Shuzo

Hagino Shuzo

Yamawa Shuzoten

Niizawa Shuzo

Suminoe Shuzo

Katsuyama Saké Brewery

The First Episode was launched in the year 2015, on 7th July at 7pm

And every year after that, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 always on the 7th of July at 7pm.


This year the leader brewery is Katsuyama Saké Brewery and the 6 other brewers will also have their own parts in the creation of Episode VII.

Niizawa brewery will be the first on the job milling the rice that would be used for this brew - Yamada Nishiki that was harvested in Hyogo.  This will be followed by Kanbai Shuzo who will then wash and steam the rice.  Next up will be koji making and Hagino Shuzo is tasked with that this year.  Once that is ready, Kawakei Shoten can then prepare the yeast starter.  After that is completed the responsibility now goes to Suminoe Brewery to do the fermentation and after this process is completed the saké can then be pressed by Yamawa Shuzo who will be using the Sase Shibori method.  This method takes a lot of manual work and the final outcome is a clean and smooth tasting saké without any hints of harshness.  And, a beautiful top quality saké is created !

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