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Daisekkei Saké Brewing Co. Ltd., Nagano Prefecture
Daisekkei Saké Brewing Co. Ltd., Nagano Prefecture
Daisekkei Saké Brewing Co. Ltd., Nagano Prefecture



Daisekkei Saké Brewery is located in Ikeda Town.  Ikeda Town is a beautiful town with a small population of about 10,000 located int he north of Azumino City in Nagano Prefecture.  It is listed as one of The Most Beautiful Villages in Japan, a rural paradise with abundant natural resources, pristine air and water quality ideal for agricultural products such as apples, soba (buckwheat), rice and wasabi.  In fact the Daio Wasabi Farm, one of the largest wasabi farms in Japan is located in Azumino City.

Daisekkei which literally means "Big Snowy Gorge", reflects the awe the founders have for the great Northern Alps and the nature around them.  The melting snow water that flows down from the towering mountain range is not only excellent for sake rice cultivation but also for saké brewing, which requires good quality water. It helps when the Azumino area is well known to have one of the best natural water sources in Japan!

In 1953, Daisekkei won the highest award at the National New Saké Awards Competition and its saké was then selected to be presented to the Japan Imperial Household.  In 1966, the chief brewer or Toji, at the time, received the Yellow Ribbon Medal, awarded to those who have devoted themselves to the work of agriculture, commerce, industry and have other exemplary skills and achievements.

The Usui family that owns the brewery spares no effort in upgrading and equipping the brewery with modern machinery and equipment while maintaining its traditional brewing know hows to consistently produce sakés that is loved by the locals.

The Sake Place will soon be making Daisekkei sakés available to sake lovers in Malaysia!



The majestic Mount Ariake is refected in the water filled paddy fields



Daisekkei Sake Brewery has a retail shop located in a more than 150 year old traditional Japanese style house.


Mr Mamoru Nagase, the Toji or Master Brewer joined Daissekei in 2009, winning the Gold Medal at the Annual Japan sake Awards in the same year!

The brewery has it's own rice polishing machine which is very costly as most brewers will outsource this process.


Fully automated rice washing and soaking process


   Temperature controlled Fermentation Tank              



Some of the many accolades and awards won by Daisekkei through the years








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